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100 Acting Tips That Every Actor Should See

acting tips

Acting Tips

When I was putting this list together, I must admit that it seemed a little daunting at first.

100 acting tips shouldn’t be that hard to come up with right?

After all, I have been doing this for years and years.

But I was still amazed at how much I had to think about what really mattered and what was really not worth my while.

I think that I have come up with a great list for you. Well okay, let’s get to it.


Here are 100 acting tips that every actor should see:

  1. Stretch before each time you go onstage.
  2. Relax before you start any scene.
  3. Take at least 4 deep breaths before or while you are warming up.
  4. Make sure your posture is correct. Pretend you have a string attached to your head. Pull the string up and watch your posture get better.
  5. Take care of your voice. It is your instrument and you must maintain it. No unnecessary screaming.
  6. Get your blood pumping. Do a physical activity to get blood pumping to your brain.
  7. Dress to work. Don’t wear clothes that are going to prohibit you from moving.
  8. Wear the right shoes. No sandals.
  9. Do at least one mirroring exercise.
  10. Do at least one tongue twister.
  11. Make sure you never stand with your back to the audience.
  12. Cheat out while you are talking to someone on stage. This way you can look like your talking to that person and be seen by the audience.
  13. Project your voice so the person sitting all the way in the back will be able to hear you.
  14. Act from your head down to your toes. Use your entire body when you are on stage.
  15. Stay away from dialects unless you are really good at them.
  16. Always have 3 to 5 audition pieces ready at all times. (One comedy, one serious, and one Shakespearean)
  17. Match your face with the emotion you are trying to show.
  18. Don’t move around on stage. When you cross somewhere, go and don’t stop until you get there.
  19. Smile more. People do smile.
  20. Frown more. People do frown.
  21. Practice over doing your facial expressions. This way you will naturally do facial expressions while you act.
  22. Place the emotion that you are trying to portray in your mind and let it happen naturally.
  23. Commit yourself 100% to the role you are doing.
  24. Take as many acting classes as you can to get better.
  25. Push yourself beyond your boundaries. Figure out where you are and try to go beyond. Do things you have never done before.
  26. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice. Put it all out there on the stage.
  27. Go where the work is. If you are not where there is loads of work, you are not going to have the chances you need to get jobs.
  28. Listen to yourself laugh so you can copy it.
  29. Work on your evil laugh. Have fun with it.
  30. Watch others laugh.
  31. Think back to a time when you were really hurt and try to put that in front of your mind so you can cry naturally.
  32. Don’t let rejection get you down. Keep going!
  33. Study professionals. One of the best ways to get better is to study how professionals do it.
  34. Work towards getting your SAG card.
  35. Don’t get your SAG card (A SAG card can be a blessing and a curse. Once you have your card, be careful who you work for. You must work for a SAG theatre)
  36. Make sure you know what your are auditioning for.
  37. Act professional. Treat your craft with the respect it deserves.
  38. Slow down your talking. Put more emphasis on your words. Use inflection.
  39. Make sure you end at a different point from where you started. When doing a scene, make sure there is a difference from where you started to where you ended.
  40. Find an acting coach.
  41. Work your butt off every time you practice, think about, and step onstage.
  42. Read modern plays.
  43. Read famous criticisms.
  44. Read classics.
  45. Take dance lessons.
  46. Watch as many plays as possible.
  47. Become a theatre junkie. Hang around the theatre when ever you can.
  48. Watch musicals.
  49. Join an improvisation company.
  50. Master the question. Work on asking questions without asking questions. There are many different ways to ask.
  51. There is no substitute for enthusiasm.
  52. Be confident in everything you do.
  53. Pay attention to what your body is doing onstage. Be aware of what you are doing all around and how you are being perceived.
  54. When acting out a monologue, imagine the characters you are talking to on stage. It will make it easier.
  55. If someone asks you to do a dialect, kindly ask them if they would give you a some time to prepare. Don’t put up a bad audition because you think you are better than everyone else.
  56. Use your body to show emotion. Use your head, shoulders, torso, waist, legs, etc. Use it all.
  57. Get an acting degree. It is a great place to meet people in the craft.
  58. Do exactly what the director tells you to do. Don’t deviate.
  59. Take care of your body. It is what you are selling.
  60. Project on stage but talk normal for the screen.
  61. Study logical progressions. If the alarm clock goes off, what happens next? Follow the progression for real belief.
  62. All your action must have somewhere it comes from. Find your inner motivation. – Constantin Stanislavski
  63. Be someone onstage, not yourself.
  64. Add character traits to your character that are not your own. A twitch, a blink, strange hand gesture, something to set you apart.
  65. Don’t just say your lines. Think also. When we talk we think.
  66. Make sure you take action. No analysis paralysis. Go to the audition, don’t think about it.
  67. Work on your skill until it hurts. “I am a skilled professional actor. Whether I am talented or not make no difference”.  - Michael Caine
  68. Drink water all the time.
  69. Enjoy acting. Believe me, it will show.
  70. Try to study more than everyone else. If you are confused at the end, welcome to really being a character.
  71. Stay humble. There are 10 people ready to replace you.
  72. Network yourself. This is a person business and more people you know the further you will get.
  73. Practice how you plan to perform. Practice going straight through without stoping.
  74. Practice staying in character when you are out with your friends. They may freak out but you will feel what it is like to be someone else.
  75. Show up early and stay late.
  76. Make sure you let the director direct.
  77. We want to see emotion. Show us!
  78. A great performance is crafted, not stumbled upon. Craft your performance.
  79. Just say YES!
  80. People remember a bad performance so don’t be bad.
  81. Don’t let inferior people make you feel inferior.
  82. Take advice.
  83. Sometimes the most expensive acting advice is free advice.
  84. Practice performing on a stage.
  85. Learn about lights. The more you know about the entire stage the better you will be.
  86. Don’t deviate from the script. Keep to your lines and don’t improvise them.
  87. Look between the lines. Try to find the hidden message. Find what is really happening in the life of your characters and exploit that.
  88. Wear a leotard under your costume for fast changes.
  89. The best way to get rid of stage-fright is to perform, perform, and perform some more. Face your fear!
  90. Be willing to play any role at any time. Step in when ever you need to.
  91. Be off book when you have to be.
  92. Don’t miss rehearsal, period.
  93. Never change your hair without asking your director.
  94. Just because you want a cigarette now it doesn’t mean you should.
  95. Always set your props or check to make sure they are placed in right spot.
  96. Don’t touch anyone else’s props.
  97. Learn how to put on your own make-up. Have your own kit available if you need one.
  98. Read “An Actor Prepares” by Constantine Stanislavski
  99. Take voice lessons. Work on your diction. Search for the peaks and valleys in your words and inflections.

There you have it. 100 acting tips that every actor should see. In all honesty, each one of these tips deserves there own article, but I hope that it has helped.

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